La Società Psychedelica presents:

live on stage
SULTAN BATHERY (teen garage/psych – Vicenza)

Two friends went to India, they met the eternal Gods and stayed in the paradisiac city of Sultan Bathery.

They came back with a lot of Lingams and some swampy, psych, slummy, garage hits to play.
Found the best drummer on earth, recorded first songs, here come their debut 7″ on Slovenly records: “Fireworx”.
Their second 7″ “Manimal” is released by their multimilionaire and fetish addict friend Zibi for ZIBI RECORDS 001.
Danceable tunes for party sadhus!

dj set FREAKCARLOS (La Discoteque Psychedelique Genova)

HENRY (Milano)

warm up MAGDA CANE (Atomic Waste)

Dancing is recommended.

crazy technicolor dreams

expo vintage clothings and accessories

vinyls, books, dvds


La Società Psychedelica is a new party-concept in Milano focused on Psychedelia-Garage-Freakbeat-Popsike-Progressive-Acid Rock-Acid Folk-Krautrock-Paisley Underground-Jam Band-Stoner-Early Hard Rock-Psych Funk. Members meet two Wednesdays per month in a building they call “Spazio Concept”. The structure of the meetings is similar to a Rock Party with one live band and djs spinning records on vinyls only – while members dance. Membership is based upon degrees of initiation and highly stylized rituals are used. Secretly created by Enrico DjHenry Lazzeri in 2006, La Società Psychedelica is now ready to welcome new members.
SQUADRA OMEGA (psych/kraut/rock, ita)/PAUL PARIS/HENRY
Mercoledi 17 Aprile // H. 22.00
JACCO GARDNER (neo-psych/baroque pop, nl)/BROWN BARCELLA/HENRY
Mercoledì 01 Maggio // H. 22.00
NAAM (heavy psych/stoner rock, usa)/ALESSANDRO DETASSIS/HENRY
Mercoledì 15 Maggio // H. 22.00
more to come…

Next Parties:
Mercoledi 03 Aprile
H. 22.00
Spazio Concept

via vincenzo forcella 7, Milano